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i'm a type girl that u call have a heart..again, again n again u promise me that u never break my heart again, u promise me wanna give moreee ATTENTION, never HURT me, always be my side..what u promise me u never do ! conclusion is you are LYING !sometimes i think that i never have YOU ! as my sidekick... i ask u,where are you when i get a problem? why u never ask me 'lynda how are u today' ? hmm.. 3 times a week u text me..! not everyday ! don't u feel guilty???? i'm so sorry coz i can't accept u again for the 2 times ! BUT i forgive u, i always forgive u, coz to me,people always make a MISTAKE! i never hate u and grudge to you.. we still can be a FRIENDS .. i'm sorry again .. P.L.E.A.S.E  STOP begging me .. 
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