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to friends, sorry coz what i done ! after that night, when i be attacked by A ! i feel all of you just same !!u'll say that u'll always be my side, but unfortunately  i look down with you A ! i know, what u saying that night, u want to see me  get fighting with he ! u told me  that their talking bad about me, but when i call he ! he say he never say that to me ! i know u lying ! u just messy up, u the one that i blame until now, i never forgive u babe ! NEVER , i was hurting u know. i guess u really my bestfriends A ! always help u when u trouble, back up you when u was bullied by he n friends, but ! u the one that i hate . ! u hurt my self, u back stabber, u the people that so annoying ! from now u not my bestfriends list . sorry ! i know u feel that i was blame u 100% ,yes, i was blame u 100% , u want me forgive u yesterday, but sorry, what happend is all what u want right ?

so, i decide that i never HANG OUT with u'all again again n again, i fine, really mean it,when one is missing,no one will notice :DD , tengs coz be my friends when we was secondary school together :) I would not grudge .i love u'all :) i forgive what happend . one day i will be oke,:) sincere lyndaharifin :DD

p/s : i was shock when i got a massage from u friends . ! i was crying read yur text babe. ! i mish our relationship ! i don't know how to tell u i mish u . :'( im so sorry, i love u friends ! 

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