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i'm just type a girl that lose love the most i can't get it back , when i started met you, i feel that u a right person that will love me deeply, i love the way u care of me, u smile on me,u hug me very gently and the way u hold my hand tightly. you know man ! i love all about you, you PERFECT to me, nothing gonna hurt you when you with me. i promises that i will take care of you , never broken your feelings and crush your heart.. BUT, i'm a girl that u LOVE , i fail as your GIRL FRIEND. ! i broke all my promise . ! i'm so fool , with easy i leave you for OTHER MAN ! i'm so sorry, but believe me, i never lie about my  feeling on you ! what we through together before this is not LYING !i really love you, deep down in my heart i only wanna be with you. :( 

oh man, when i break up with other man, you still by my side, and give advice me to be a STRONG girl ! u know, when i see your, i will give a BIG SMILE to you, BUT inside i feel dying sayangg.. u know i never be a STRONG girl, i don't know, i was hurting when see your face ! it's hard for me to accept you back sayang, i scared that i will HURT YOU again,again and again.. :'(  it does mean that i don't LOVE you right ?? sayangg, u good enough to me bacause you always beside on me. you always make me laugh :D make me miss all about you, ! it's was cruel you know :) if one day we declare i will take of our RELATIONSHIP FOR THE LONG TIME ! and no one person will take me away from you sayang . ! 

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